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“Self-Sabotage” –

Break Long-Term Patterns Of Behaviour
Uncover the ‘why’ and resolve the root cause of your self-sabotaging behaviour and emotional cycles. Learn leading-edge methodology and break free from behaviour patterns, the emotional rollercoaster or addictions that are running your life. Create change and grow your self-worth.

Anxiety, Depression, Self-Doubt –

Build Your Self-Worth and Find Purpose
Identify the source of your anxiety and emotional triggers.
Let go of the long-standing beliefs, perceptions, or past experiences behind your emotional challenges. Release the anxiety, fear, self-doubt, guilt, or resentment preventing you from living life on your terms. Discover your highest values and how they impact on your confidence, health, and relationships.

Relationship Challenges –

Overcome Behaviour Patterns,
Resentment and Emotional Triggers
Take the power back over the behaviours, emotional responses, and triggers impacting on your most important relationships. Free yourself from past or present resentment. Resolve the behaviours and defuse the emotional triggers affecting how you show up in your relationship. Overcome long-term patterns and get off the emotional rollercoaster. Transform your communication and grow your self-worth.

Trauma Specialist –

Break Free From The Past and Build Self-Worth
Let go of trauma, challenging memories, and experiences once and for all. Grow your self-confidence and find purpose.
Release long-standing, known or unknown emotional trauma and related patterns of behaviour. Overcome anxiety, PTSD, depression, shame, guilt, or anger. Free yourself from addictive behaviours and any trauma-response that’s keeping you stuck. Turn trauma into triumph.

Performance Psychology and Mental Skills –

For Professional Athletes & Executives
Master your mental game. Gain emotional freedom and a new level of focus and adaptability. Target the root cause of the mental distractions or hidden barriers keeping you from achieving the next level of performance in what matters most to you. Learn the methodology which is transforming traditional sports psychology, mental skills, and executive coaching.

Health Psychology and Self-Worth –

Align With Your Values, Lose Weight
Overcome the actions and behaviours affecting your health. Gain the tools to realign your priorities, value yourself, and transform your health.
Uncover, resolve, and release the “why” behind the long-term patterns or self-sabotage affecting your health and other priorities. Create long-term change.

Speaking & Corporate Consulting

Through speaking, workshops and direct consulting services, I help organisations and teams re-engage and re-align.
I help to transform workplace culture, bottom line performance, and productivity. Mental Health Speaker, Professional Development, Mental Skills and Executive Coaching, Conflict Resolution Counselling.
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What My Clients are Saying

“Resolution of long-standing issues”

Hayden’s 10-week program has been crucial to my success, mental health, and well-being in all areas of my life. His work is effective, creates genuine movement, provides resolution of long-standing issues, and removes blockages to progress.
It’s powerful and meaningful work. He knows what he’s doing, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

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Jacquie Walters
Business Owner

New Client Packages & Pricing

Change Your Life in 6 – 10 Weeks

Clients start with a minimum commitment of 6-sessions to secure a weekly session time. It is my belief that effective psychotherapy does not need to be long-term and should be outcome-oriented. Clients work with me for an average of only 6-10 weeks to achieve their goals.

6-Week Breakthrough Package

– One 55-minute session weekly over six weeks.

Breakthrough the primary challenge keeping you stuck.

Weeks 1-3 we uncover the “why” – unpacking the root cause behind your long-term patterns and emotional challenges.
Weeks 3-5 you will gain the framework and tools to resolve these ‘inner challenges’ – targeting the associations, beliefs, and experiences behind your present-day behaviour patterns.
Weeks 5-6 you will begin to release these patterns as we re-align your actions and your sense of purpose with your highest values and goals.

Online Zoom Consultation or In-Person

Investment $2800

10-Week Transformation Package

– One 55-minute session weekly over ten weeks.

Breakthrough + Transform multiple areas of your life.

My signature program, the 10-Week Transformation, allows us the time to significantly enhance the breakthroughs made in the first six weeks, targeting and transforming your challenges and creating rapid change in multiple areas of your life.

We delve deeply into the Values Determination Process – to discover what truly drives you, creating a deep sense of purpose in your life and designing your roadmap to fulfilment.

“Hands-down, my Transformation Package is the most comprehensive and powerful package I’ve created.”

Online Zoom Consultation or In-Person

Investment $4200

Hayden Talk 2 - Taylor's Contracting - Jan 2023
Hayden Brown speaking to the staff at Taylor’s Contracting – Jan 2023.

Clients come to me for personal and professional problem-solving. If you are ready to take the next step, request an initial 20-min call where we will discuss if working together is a good fit.

Working with me is only for individuals prepared to take accountability for their life and create meaningful change.

What My Clients are Saying

I was referred to see Hayden by Dr Cindy de Villiers in relation to my health problems, which included migraines, digestive issues, hormonal issues and lack of self-confidence. I didn’t want to go to someone who would fix me, but was looking for someone who could help me learn how to fix myself. What a fantastic service! Mind Health sessions with Hayden are exactly what I’d been looking for. I had been unable to work, and with Hayden’s help and support, I have recovered my confidence, my health issues are on the mend, I am working again, and loving what I do.

I also feel confident to be able to face future challenges with the tools that Hayden has given me. I highly recommend Mind Health sessions to everyone! From physical health issues to deep emotional trauma and everything in between, this approach is revolutionary in helping you to overcome obstacles and move forward with being the best you possible.
Thank-you Hayden. This has changed my life!

June Falon

My Process – How I Can Help You

“Uncover, Resolve, and Release.”

Who I Work With

Online Zoom Consultation or In-Person