Work with Me – Areas of Specialty

Identifying Unconscious or “Self-Sabotaging” Behaviours

Identify any hidden and unconscious actions you may have been acting out.
Once brought conscious, we will dissolve any unwanted associations and relink your new goals and desired actions. This process also works effectively for addictive behaviours.

Anxiety, Depression, and Feelings of Overwhelm

Discover the root cause and triggers of your anxiety.
Learn the tools to balance your perceptions and bring yourself down from future emotional states. Learn how depression is more than a biochemical imbalance and is actually offering you feedback about your life.

Past or Present Relationship Challenges

Let go of painful memories and transform your current health and perception.
Learn how to dissolve resentment or infatuations with others so they no longer dominate space and time in your mind.

Traumatic Events

It is not what happens to us but how we perceive it. I will show you how to find meaning and balance any moments of perceived trauma throughout your life. Let go of the remaining emotions, guilt, or depression.

Weight Loss

Psychology, the forgotten component of sustainable weight loss.
Uncover what previously-unconscious associations have been driving your behaviours and relationship with food. Learn the mental tools to transform your health and body.

Executive & Performance Coaching

This may include clarifying your purpose, career goals, or objectives, learning the psychology behind wealth building or resolving any personal conflicts or mental distractions keeping you from being your most productive self.

Sports Performance

If you are an athlete or sportsperson who wants to achieve at the highest possible level, then you will need to equally master the mental game.
If you have the physical skills and are performing in the moment, present and focused, you will win. If you are distracted by emotions, competitors, or what is happening in your personal life, you are limiting your potential.

What My Clients are Saying

Mindset work with Hayden has been crucial to my success and well-being in all areas of my life. His work is effective, creates genuine movement, provides resolution of long-standing issues, and removes blockages to progress.
It’s powerful and meaningful work. Don’t be fooled or put off by Hayden’s relative youth. He knows what he’s doing and I am so glad to have found him.

Click to read Jacquie’s transformational story in the media.

Jacquie Walters

Pricing and Packages

6-Week Foundations Package

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of Mind Health, The Demartini Method, and the Value Determination Process. Their practical applications dissolve internal challenges, balance emotions, and expand your understanding of yourself and your hierarchy of values.
Across the 6 weeks, we will systematically prioritise and work through any conscious or unconscious perceptions and emotional charges. I will provide you with the tools to resolve fears, guilt, anxieties, resentment, intimidation, grief, and any emotion keeping you from being at your best.

Investment $1200 (6-sessions in person)

Online Mastery Package – 8 Weeks

Now available via online or phone consultation for national and international clients. This package includes everything covered within my foundations package alongside additional resources and accountability worksheets to further clarify and design the life, mindset/mental health, and priorities you would love. Please note, I ask for an 8-week commitment for online clients.

Investment $1550

Single Consultation

Primarily, I ask that my clients commit to the 6-week process. However, in some instances single sessions can be appropriate. Please contact me directly to find the appropriate path forward for you.

$225 (in-person)

Corporate Consultation

Please inquire directly to discuss your needs. Package, sessions and frequency can be structured based on your individual objectives and goals.

Please note pricing may vary depending on your individual needs and objectives.

What My Clients are Saying

I was referred to see Hayden by Dr Cindy de Villiers in relation to my health problems, which included migraines, digestive issues, hormonal issues and lack of self-confidence. I didn’t want to go to someone who would fix me, but was looking for someone who could help me learn how to fix myself. What a fantastic service! Mind Health sessions with Hayden are exactly what I’d been looking for. I had been unable to work, and with Hayden’s help and support, I have recovered my confidence, my health issues are on the mend, I am working again, and loving what I do.

I also feel confident to be able to face future challenges with the tools that Hayden has given me. I highly recommend Mind Health sessions to everyone! From physical health issues to deep emotional trauma and everything in between, this approach is revolutionary in helping you to overcome obstacles and move forward with being the best you possible.
Thank-you Hayden. This has changed my life!

June Falon

Ready for a Shift? It starts with a conversation.

I meet my clients where they are at. If you have a question, please feel free to ask. I have been counseling Nelson and beyond for many years and am ready to help you!
If you wish to get started, you are welcome to book your first consultation below. Alternatively, should you have more questions, you can schedule a free 20-minute in-person or a zoom/telephone session here to make sure we’re a good fit.

Uncertain what you need? Contact me today, and we can find an appropriate path together.

Email or a txt/call on 027 325 6708

Frequently asked questions:

Do you accept ACC claims?
At this time I work independently and do not offer ACC.

• Are you a registered therapist?
I am not a registered counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist.