Testimonials: What My Clients are Saying About Me

“Resolution of long-standing issues”

Mindset work with Hayden has been crucial to my success and well-being in all areas of my life. His work is effective, creates genuine movement, provides resolution of long-standing issues, and removes blockages to progress.
It’s powerful and meaningful work. Don’t be fooled or put off by Hayden’s relative youth. He knows what he’s doing and I am so glad to have found him.

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Jacquie W

“New tools to work through problems”

My experience with Hayden was incredible. I never felt like “counselling”. I walked out of every session with a new tool to help me work through every day problems and my emotions. Hayden guided me and gave me these tools to use myself.
I completed the 6 weeks, they weren’t always easy, they were confronting, emotional and hard work. But I came out of it with so much knowledge about myself, I now know who I am as a person and what I want in my life. I now understand the reason behind my actions. I also now have forgiveness in my heart. Hayden gave me the key to unlock the doors stopping me from moving forward. I am now in control, I can now handle stresses and I can guide myself through challenges. I am incredibly grateful for the support I received from Hayden over this journey.

Monique D

“Immediate impact on my life”

I went to see Hayden as I had heard about his MindHealth therapy approach from a friend.  I was amazed by the takeaways from my sessions with Hayden, and the impact on my life moving forwards was immediately obvious.

We uncovered my “values,” and established how they exist as a list of priorities that can impact my every day life.  Regularly checking in with myself, and re-evaluting where my values sit in my value chain has helped me identify feelings that can affect my behaviours.  I now know how to address and re-order those values to re-establish the “best case” for living my life.

I also learned how there is balance in most events in life, even the traumatic ones.  We spent time looking at past trauma, and Hayden helped me uncover some of the good things that came out of situations that only held bad associations in my memory.  Understanding this balance has helped me come to terms with events from my past that were negatively impacting my present and future.

I would thoroughly recommend Hayden and his MindHealth approach – it has made a positive difference in my life.

Mike G

“Learned how to fix myself”

I was referred to see Hayden by Dr Cindy de Villiers in relation to my health problems, which included migraines, digestive issues, hormonal issues and lack of self-confidence. I didn’t want to go to someone who would fix me, but was looking for someone who could help me learn how to fix myself. What a fantastic service! Mind Health sessions with Hayden are exactly what I’d been looking for. I had been unable to work, and with Hayden’s help and support, I have recovered my confidence, my health issues are on the mend, I am working again, and loving what I do.

I also feel confident to be able to face future challenges with the tools that Hayden has given me. I highly recommend Mind Health sessions to everyone! From physical health issues to deep emotional trauma and everything in between, this approach is revolutionary in helping you to overcome obstacles and move forward with being the best you possible.
Thank-you Hayden. This has changed my life!

June F

“Doubt and fear removed”

After suffering a Traumatic injury in 2010 and another 3 recurring injuries My physical and mental health was suffering. I reached out to Hayden and the Inner Strength team, I was desperate and in need of a little magic. The Mind Health work with Hayden unlocked any doubt or fear that was preventing me from reaching my goals!
I now have confidence in not only health and fitness decisions but in everyday decisions. Pure success…… the journey was very enjoyable and actually a lot of fun. Thanks Hayden! Everyone Loves a bit of Magic Right?

Zach P

“Exceeded my expectations!”

When I booked my initial appointment with Hayden I thought I had a bit of an idea. However, my sessions absolutely exceeded my expectations.
I had no idea of the depth that past events and situations had been holding me back from realising my qualities. My key areas were self doubt, self belief, confidence and assertiveness. The load off my shoulders was and still is unbelievable. Sometimes I drove to my appointment thinking I have no idea what we are going to talk about and after a couple of questions we were away and into it with no pressure. I never once, left an appointment woeful or sad. I felt refreshed and energised. Needless to say an amazing nights sleep.
I am so thankful and grateful to Hayden for teaching me to reflect on my life experiences in a more positive and healthier way.

Kim W

“Different approach to anything I had encountered”

Hayden’s program has really enabled me to take control and finally lose the weight I’ve been trying to for a while and the reasons why I hadn’t been successful. Hayden approach is different to anything I have encountered before and really helped me understand the deeper reasons of why I was doing things by uncovering my values and what drives me in my everyday life

In the first 6 weeks I lost 1kg per week and started to feel amazing, my self confidence has grown and exercise and good nutrition no longer feel like a chore. My journey is still ongoing and Hayden has enabled me to make fundamental changes in my lifestyle that has yielded tangible results. I fully recommend Hayden if you want to push through the mental barriers that block you and find out what drives you.

Michael P