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Solutions for Organisations – Speaking, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Professional Development & Mental Skills

Hayden Brown is a Human Behaviour Specialist, and pioneer in the field of Depth Psychology and Behaviour Change.
With over a decade of experience in organisational psychology and personal leadership, Hayden facilitates powerful insights, mental-skills, and transformation within organisations and their team.

Through tailored speaking and workshops, one-on-one, or group coaching, Hayden helps your people re-connect with their “why”, empower their mental health, and develop a culture of high performance and resilience.

Hayden Brown Corporate Services include:

  • Speaking and workshops; motivational speaking, organisation health and wellbeing, emotional intelligence, and human behaviour principles to get the best out of your team.
  • Putting the health back into ‘health and safety’ – organisation mental health and wellbeing strategy, consultancy, and execution.
  • One-on-one or teams’ solutions; Counselling, wellbeing & stress management, conflict resolution.
  • Professional Development – Leadership, mental skills, and executive coaching for your key people.

Hayden can assist you:

  • Accelerate productivity, energize, and re-engage your staff, key people or leadership team.
  • Resolve staff challenges; anxieties, emotional challenges, hesitancies, and mental distractions – improving productivity, focus, mental health and wellbeing.
  • Help your staff or leadership team get clear on their highest values, purpose, and motivators through the Values Determination Process.
  • Link your staff’s personal mission and priorities to the organisations chief aim and purpose – creating further buy-in and engagement. Build a culture a culture of collaboration, wellbeing and performance.
  • Work privately with emotionally challenged staff or individuals seeking professional development within the organisation – Gain tools for mental health, leadership, resilience, and adaptability.

Hayden Brown speaking to the staff at Taylor’s Contracting – Jan 2023.

What My Clients are Saying

“Focusing Strengths, Skills & Expectations to Achieve a Higher Level “

Our work with Hayden was about the balancing act of focusing the strengths, skills and expectations of both the business and its employees, to achieve a harmonious positive workplace – one that achieves this higher level each day without it being a special step … something we can achieve as if the ‘norm’.

Involving Hayden in these discussions – as an experienced business owner himself – has facilitated the business learning new tools and styles of communication, management, workflow and employee participation to more confidently and successfully achieve each day. A huge thank you to Hayden!

Van and a Man

“Being Empowered to Better Ourselves”

Our business had Hayden speak to us at our staff day. All our staff found this incredibly informative and inspirational. Hayden was able to share his experience and knowledge in a way that we all said helped us identify and understand why we often respond the way we do.

Understanding who we are, as well as family and friend dynamics, can be difficult, but when given the skills to do this, we can be empowered to better ourselves. I would highly recommend Hayden to any group as an inspirational or mental health speaker.”

Gabrielle Quin, Director, Quin Dental

Previous workshops & corporate keynotes:

  • Your Highest Values – The Key to Resilience, Adaptability and Purpose

  • Achieving Mental Freedom –  Mental Health and the Power of the Subconscious

  • Human Behaviour and Performance Series – Fostering a High Performance Culture

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Read Hayden's Bio

Hayden Brown is a Human Behaviour Specialist, and pioneer in the field of Depth Psychology, Behaviour Change, and Human Performance.

Unfulfilled, disengaged, and questioning his own self-worth and ability, Hayden set out on his journey to fully understand the deeper workings of the mind, and uncover the “why” behind his own health challenges, behaviour, and long-term patterns.

Based in Nelson, New Zealand, Hayden has spent the past 13 years working one-on-one with clients to achieve transformative results using Depth Psychology. Hayden’s approach explores the relationship between our conscious and unconscious minds. It uncovers the root cause of our challenges, long-term patterns, and hidden motivations.
Hayden’s ‘Depth-Approach’ draws primarily on The Demartini Method, also taking inspiration from Somatic Therapy, Jungian Psychology, NLP and CBT.

He has successfully established and operated multiple businesses in the health industry, continuously honing his methodology to ensure that it is powerfully effective.

Nationally, Hayden works with professional athletes, executives, high performers, and individuals from all walks of life who are wanting to perform at their best to tackle the real-world challenges they face. Hayden helps people to “Uncover The Why” behind their challenges, giving them the tools to empower themselves and overcome long-term patterns and behaviour.

Hayden’s belief is that there is always aroot-cause” behind our challenges and mental suffering.

Internationally, Hayden works online with clients from all around the world. He also travels to teach and facilitate at the Personal Development seminar, “The Breakthrough Experience” with Dr. John Demartini across Australia.

Hayden lives in Nelson, New Zealand with his wife and young family.