Belle Stone

Online Counsellor

My Approach - Hayden Brown

Dr. Belle Stone, Demartini Method Facilitator and Online Counsellor.
Bsc. Hons. PhD (Biology), Cert. Demartini Method Facilitator.

Are your actions or emotions affecting your relationships?

Would you love to fully appreciate yourself and increase your self-worth?

Would you love to resolve the triggers and behaviours running your life?


Hi! I am Belle Stone, a professionally trained facilitator of The Demartini Method™

Offering Online Therapy, Counselling Psychology and Life Coaching.

I work with referrals of Hayden Brown, and clients who are after a deeper, more outcome-focused, approach.


About Belle

I have a love for understanding the workings of the mind; how your beliefs and perceptions are influencing your behaviour, and how to create an authentic and fulfilling life.

My knowledge of human behaviour, biology, and holistic health has led me to my mission of empowering and educating individuals to gain clarity in their vision, helping them overcome any obstacles or challenges they may be facing.

Overcome Long-Term Patterns

I will show you how to let go of any challenging or stressful situation, empower you to deal with past emotional baggage or trauma, and break through long-term patterns of behaviour.

Like Hayden, I have trained under Dr. John Demartini, who is recognised as the world-leading authority on human behaviour.

My psychotherapy approach draws primarily on The Demartini Method™, as well as taking inspiration from therapies such as NLP, CBT, and Jungian Psychology.

I will provide you with the leading-edge depth therapy approach that will create significant changes in your perceptions, emotions, and outcomes in life.

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Dr Belle offers online counselling from NSW, Australia. Online therapy for individuals world-wide on personal or professional issues – either by phone, zoom sessions, or however you are most comfortable.

Belle is trauma-informed and works with clients on a variety of issues such as:

Anxiety, Depression, OverwhelmSelf-Sabotaging Behaviours
PTSD, Complex PTSD (C-PTSD)Relationship Counselling
Emotional Trigger and ResentmentsGuilt, Grief
Anger ManagementFears, Intimidation
AddictionLife Coaching, Mental Skills, Sports Psychology

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New Client Pricing

Change Your Life

Clients start with a minimum commitment of 6-sessions to secure a weekly session time. It is my belief that effective psychotherapy does not need to be long-term and should be outcome-oriented. Clients work with me for an average of only 6-10 weeks to achieve their goals.

6-Week Breakthrough Package

– One 55-minute session weekly over six weeks.

Breakthrough the primary challenge keeping you stuck.

Weeks 1-3 we uncover the “why” – unpacking the root cause behind your long-term patterns and emotional challenges.
Weeks 3-5 you will gain the framework and tools to resolve these ‘inner challenges’ – targeting the associations, beliefs, and experiences behind your present-day behaviour patterns.
Weeks 5-6 you will begin to release these patterns as we re-align your actions and your sense of purpose with your highest values and goals.

Online Zoom Consultation or In-Person

Investment $2200

Testimonials for Dr Belle

“I was afraid to open up, but Belle installed trust and confidence that I could reframe my experiences within a safe context”

What is unique about Dr Belle is that she is not only an accomplished Demartini Method practitioner, but she also brings the entirety of her life experiences to a deep knowledge and understanding of her practice. I was initially afraid to open up about my childhood, young adult and middle years experiences but she instilled trust and confidence that I could reflect and reframe those experiences within a safe and secure conversational context, in order to start my healing journey. Thank you Dr Belle!

Dr. Grace Q.

“Getting to the root-cause is Belle’s true gift!”

Working with Belle has been a completely transformational and wholehearted experience. Belle’s approach focuses on understanding my behaviour and my thoughts and more importantly, getting to the root cause of my issues so they no longer exist. Getting to the root cause (not blaming others but addressing my own insecurities) is Belle’s true gift! This is what is allowing me to move forward and upwards. As Belle removes my roadblocks to authenticity, it allows me to pursue higher priority goals, uncover my true purpose, and experience a higher and deeper appreciation and love for myself than ever before. You’ll just never be the same again.”

Marianne H.

Interview with Dr Belle Stone