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Hayden Brown, Human Behaviour Specialist. Offering private consulting, therapy & counselling. Online and in-person – Throughout New Zealand, Nelson & Wellington.

Gain mastery of your mind, emotions and life.

Experience a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Hi! I’m Hayden Brown, Human Behaviour Specialist.

I help people uncover and transform the root core of their actions and emotional challenges.

I consult on the principles of human behaviour that allow you to uncover and dissolve the “why” behind your long-term patterns and behaviours – taking you from auto-pilot to the driver’s seat with your health, relationships and business.

I work privately with individuals on personal or professional issues in New Zealand and worldwide. Either in person, or via online consultation.

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Through my own journey to health, I was introduced to the incredible tool, The Demartini Method. This ground-breaking methodology alongside further studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP, and Jungian Analysis has led me down the path of what is referred to as “Depth Psychology.”
This approach focuses more on our historic internal challenges, looking to our unconscious mind for the source of our symptoms and mental challenges – balancing any triggers or unconscious associations or beliefs that may have formed across our lifetime.

I have trained and mentored under Dr. John Demartini, who is recognised as the world-leading authority on human behaviour. Facilitating and teaching internationally at his signature program, The Breakthrough Experience.

I have since incorporated Dr. Demartini’s ground-breaking methodology and teachings into my own unique style, which I have aptly named “Mind Health.”


Hayden Brown with Dr Demartini pre Breakthrough Experience Melbourne May 2019.

My years of offering psychotherapy and teaching the Demartini Method has helped me develop an approach that is focused, efficient, and practical.
What once took months or years can now be balanced in just a few sessions.

What My Clients are Saying

Mindset work with Hayden has been crucial to my success and well-being in all areas of my life. His work is effective, creates genuine movement, provides resolution of long-standing issues, and removes blockages to progress.
It’s powerful and meaningful work. Don’t be fooled or put off by Hayden’s relative youth. He knows what he’s doing and I am so glad to have found him.

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