Hayden Brown - Human Behaviour Specialist
Hayden Brown, Human Behaviour Specialist.
Working one-on-one with clients, In-Person & Online Counselling.
Depth Psychology, Mental Skills & Executive Coaching. Nelson & Auckland.

Uncover the “Why”

Master your mind, emotions, and life.

Hi! I’m Hayden Brown, Human Behaviour Specialist.

I help people uncover the “why” behind their behaviours and emotional challenges.

Working together, I will give you the method and tools to uncover and resolve the root-cause of your long-term patterns of behaviour.

I work privately with individuals on personal or professional issues worldwide via online zoom consultation.

Change Your Life in 6-10 Weeks

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Hayden Brown is a Human Behaviour Specialist, and pioneer in the field of Depth Psychology, Behaviour Change, and Human Performance.

Unfulfilled, disengaged, and questioning his own self-worth and ability, Hayden set out on his journey to fully understand the deeper workings of the mind, and uncover the “why” behind his own health challenges, behaviour, and long-term patterns.

Based in Nelson, New Zealand, Hayden has spent the past 13 years working one-on-one with clients to achieve transformative results using Depth Psychology. Hayden’s approach explores the relationship between our conscious and unconscious minds. It uncovers the root cause of our challenges, long-term patterns, and hidden motivations.
Hayden’s ‘Depth-Approach’ draws primarily on The Demartini Method, also taking inspiration from Somatic Therapy, Jungian Psychology, NLP and CBT.

He has successfully established and operated multiple businesses in the health industry, continuously honing his methodology to ensure that it is powerfully effective.

Nationally, Hayden works with professional athletes, executives, high performers, and individuals from all walks of life who are wanting to perform at their best to tackle the real-world challenges they face. Hayden helps people to “Uncover The Why” behind their challenges, giving them the tools to empower themselves and overcome long-term patterns and behaviour.

Hayden’s belief is that there is always aroot-cause” behind our challenges and mental suffering.

Internationally, Hayden works online with clients from all around the world. He also travels to teach and facilitate at the Personal Development seminar, “The Breakthrough Experience” with Dr. John Demartini across Australia.

Hayden lives in Nelson, New Zealand with his wife and young family.


1:1 Coach, International Teacher and Speaker

Hayden Brown speaking to the staff at Taylor’s Contracting – Jan 2023.

“My years of offering depth psychology and teaching the Demartini Method have helped me develop an approach that is efficient, focused, and addresses the true causes of your behaviours and challenges.
Conventional therapy that once took months or years can now be balanced in much shorter period of time.”

What My Clients are Saying

“Resolution of long-standing issues”

Hayden’s 10-week program has been crucial to my success, mental health, and well-being in all areas of my life. His work is effective, creates genuine movement, provides resolution of long-standing issues, and removes blockages to progress.
It’s powerful and meaningful work. He knows what he’s doing, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him.

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Jacquie Walters
Business Owner

What the Media is saying

“I’ve been looking at the work you do to uncover the root cause of long-term behaviours, I love that… we need to have you back on soon!”

Jenny-May Clarkson
TV1 Breakfast

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Uncover the root-cause behind your long-term patterns, self-sabotaging behaviours, distractions, and emotional challenges. Work with Hayden one-on-one to learn the tools and mental skills to create a life you love.